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Author: Jean-Luc Hérelle

Published by: Alosa, sons de la natura in Spanish

Published by Sittelle in French

Date: 2005

Once upon a time a drop of water ...
This is the story of a drop of water, born at the end of a stalactite in the depths of a cave on a spring day. He was born after a long period of infiltration through the rocks, stones and pebbles from the mountain ....

1. Water in the underworld
2. bats
3. mountain stream
4. Bells
5. A small waterfall
6. the river
7. the mill
8. the lake
9. The colony of herons
10. Green frogs
11. Mallards taking flight
12. Natterjack toad Choir
13. Frogs, Hyla arborea
14. canoe
15. The big waterfall
16. The great river and estuary
17. Shelduck
18. The sea, gulls and plovers
19. Wind and storm start
20. Clouds in the sky
21. lark
22. crickets
23. storm
24. Return to the underworld

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