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The Farm

Author: Eloisa Matheu

Posted by: Alosa, sons of nature

Reference: AL 44848


The sounds they emit the most common animals found in a farm are grouped by poultry, animals of the barn and the house: domestic fowl, turkeys, ducks, goats, sheep, cows, calves ... dogs, cats, and even encourage environmental canaries in the courtyard.

We can also listen to different situations, soundscapes, as the environment of the farm at dawn, to accompany the herd grazing in the meadows, to attend the milking of the cow, or the environment of the farm at dusk.

60 minutes of familiar sounds and sometimes not so familiar, we've forgotten ...

Description of the status of each record in the manual in Spanish.

Without speech

The recordings were made in different houses, farmhouses, cottages, pens, etc. with the fun complicity of peasants, farmers and herders. Thanks!

Of great interest to start children in listening and sound identification.

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code: AL 44848
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