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Iberian Soundscapes

Authors: E. Matheu 

Posted by: Alosa, sons de la natura

Audio CD 

Reference: AL 39217 

Enjoy the sounds of nature and their music is available to all, you only need to go out and listen. Eloisa Matheu has collected on this CD the concert of the nature of some landscapes, a selection of recordings made in natural protected areas and also in Iberian lands that do not enjoy special protection: the symphony at the dawn of a pasture, the familiar songs of a spanish town, the croaking of frogs in a pond in spring, winter hooting of owls, nightingales and nightjars near a stream in the spring evenings ... landscapes in close proximity and their sound, its protagonists are birds, amphibians and insects.

The Spanish and English manual describes where the recordings were made and the species present in each.

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60 minutes


15 Soundscapes:

The dehesa awakening

The forest at dawn

In the Canyon de Rio Lobos

A gap in the Delta de l'Ebre

In the high Lapakiza

The owls of Coto

The frog pond

Larks in concert

A winter encounter

Dusk on the river

The Mediterranean scrub in spring

The cranes farewell

A village

The Rincon lagoon

Summer night

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code: AL 39217
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