Eloisa Matheu and Francesc Llimona, biologists, created in 1992 the label Alosa, nature sounds, to publish sound guides about the songs of birds in Spain, for a ornithological and naturalist public, covering a gap in the reference material. Later we incorporate the collection of soundscapes. What in 1986 started as a hobby grew into a vocation.

Currently our catalogue includes reference guides to birds, amphibians, mammals and insects, various publications in collaboration with agencies or publishers and bird guides published in Europe.

Currently we are working on recording songs and vocalizations of new species as well as soundscapes.

The knowledge and enjoying of the nature sounds is one of our main objectives, which are defined in collaboration with scientific papers and conducting workshops of identification by ear and nature sounds auditions. Further information about future workshops will be published in section News > Activities.

For any subject related to the commercial use of sounds please contact us