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Paisajes sonoros de Brasil / Ambiances sonores du Brésil

Authors: E.Matheu
Posted by: first edition published by Alosa 1993. Current edition published in three languages by Fremeaux et Associés 2010.
Media: Audio CD
Duration: 57 minutes

Brazil is a huge country that conceals some of the richest natural habitats on earth. It is often associated with the extraordinary Amazon rainforest, but not everyone knows that there are also two other regions of outstanding biological interest: the Mato Grosso Pantanal and the Mata Atlantica. The objective of these recordings is to present an atmosphere of the natural sounds of these two regions, with the aim to contribute to its conservation.

The Mato Grosso Pantanal is a vast alluvial extension that hosts one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in the world, especially birds. The Atlantic Forest is currently considered one of the most threatened tropical forests in the world and includes one of the highest biodiversity on the humid tropics.
Manual in Spanish, English and French

without speech

60 minutes.



1. Mata Atlantica: Saivadela at dawn

2. San Pedro: after the rain

3. The Pantanal, dawn chorus

4. Mata Atlantica: San Pedro at night

5. Sound Guide (35 excerpts of identification)

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