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Mayan Forests from Guatemala

Selvas Mayas / Forêts Mayas

Authors: E.Matheu

Posted by: first edition published by Alosa. Current edition published in three languages Fremeaux et Associés.

Media: Audio CD

Duration: 57 minutes

In Guatemala tropical forests retain much of its natural splendor. The surrounding forests and even the majestic Mayan ruins offer a host of animal species. In the mountains, the Quetzal shelter in a cold, damp environment defined by the presence of clouds, the forest becomes almost magical properties. Five concerts recorded in April and July by Eloisa Matheu, featuring birds, insects, mammals and amphibians.

Manual in Spanish, English and French, with its common and scientific names.

without speech

1. At dawn among the Mayan ruins (Tikal) - 17'02

2. At dusk in a swamp (Tikal) - 5'32"

3. Dawn chorus in the Sierra de las Minas - 11´58"

4. Tikal, insects' morning concert - 11'13"

5. Tikal, the forest after the storm - 11´15"


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