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Authors: Jean Roché, Boris Jollivet, Carlos de Hita, Eloisa Matheu


Published by: Alosa, sons de la natura

Date of publication: 2005

2 CD audio

ISBN: 84-609-6933-9

Ref: AL 11205

Illustration: Lluis Centelles

Features of the Guide:

Reference Guide on a double CD, proceeds of labor of more than a dozen authors and Spanish and European institutions, making it possible to collect 170 recordings of audible vocalizations of 54 species of terrestial mammals, excluding bats and small mammals (with the exception of three species whose vocalizations are audible).

While in general the vocalizations of mammals do not have the same value as the songs of birds or amphibians in the identification in the field, we hope this guide will contribute in part to a greater knowledge of mammals and their conservation.

54 species present in the Spanish and European ecosystems. More than one record per species. It includes, among other species, howls and other vocalizations of Spanish wolves.

Species in systematic order, text in Spanish. Species name in Spanish and Scientific. Without speech

Duration: CD1: 52 minutes; CD2: 45 minutes

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