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Author: José Luis Gallego
Recordings CD: Eloisa Matheu
Photographs: Oscar J. Gonzalez
Illustrations: Oscar Julve
Published by: Editorial La Galera
Release Date: 17/08/2011 Support: Book & CD
Reference: Gal 1002
ISBN: 978-84-246-3372-1
Price: 14.90 €

A guide designed for young naturalists after 10 years.
Contains very full records of thirty birds. The cards are illustrated with quality photographs and drawings and diagrams, and a CD containing the recording of birdsong. A comprehensive guide and indispensable to approach ornithology.

30 species of birds
grouped by habitat: forests, countryside and city, wetlands
Catalan text (there is a version in Spanish Ref: Gal 1001)
1 audio CD with songs, no speech

If your head is full of birds and stay enthralled watching the flight of starlings or listening to the song of the lark, have found the book looking for! In these pages you will learn to observe the birds without scaring them, identify them by song, by the size or the color of their plumage, and even learn how to help them breed or feed.

The Authors:
José Luis Gallego (Barcelona, 1964) is working as a naturalist and environmental journalist and writer. Member of the Catalan Association for Science Communication and a regular contributor to newspapers, radio and television, has published more than fifteen books on environmental disclosure. In recent years devoted much of his work released to warn about the risks of climate change and promote citizen participation to mitigate it. He has received numerous awards in recognition of his career, including the Environment Award of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Within this collection has also published my first guide on climate change.

Eloisa Matheu (Barcelona, 1956) is a biologist and audionaturalista. For over twenty years is collecting the sounds of nature and part of the team Alondra, nature sounds, a company dedicated to the dissemination bioacoustics.

Oscar J. Gonzalez (Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, 1972) has a degree in biology, ornithologist and amateur photographer from very small. He has won several national and international photography. His photos have illustrated the National Lottery tickets in the series "Fauna Ibérica" and contributor to the newspaper in Catalonia.

Oscar Julve (Barcelona, 1972). He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and started in the field of comics, but soon devoted himself to children and young illustration collaborations with publishers, magazines, advertising and audiovisual production. With his work has won the Mercè Llimona Award and Junceda Lola Anglada.

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