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Birdsounds of Europe, North Africa and Middle East


Birdsounds of Europe, North Africa and Middle East 

(Die Vogelstimmen Europas, Nordafrikas und Vorderasiens)

Authors: Andreas Schulze, Karl-Heinz Dingler,

With the collaboration of Claude Chappuis, Jean C. Roche and many others, including Eloisa Matheu

Posted by: Musikverlag Edition AMPLE

Support: 2 CD mp3

Reference: BS 1003

ISBN: 978-938147-01-6

The most comprehensive audio guide with the songs and calls of the birds in Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Originally published in 17 audio CD, this version consists of 2 MP3s, presented in a DVD case. For most species there are two or more separate and successive records. The species are arranged systematically, so that the next are easily comparable. The recordings are of high quality.

Manual listed in alphabetical order with the scientific names, German, English and French., Information also appears on the iPod screen. Texts in English, French and German.

Manual in Spanish available with downloadable listing of species and content of each track.


2 CD MP3

819 species

2,817 songs and claims records

19:20 hours

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code: BS 1003
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