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Costa Rica Soundscapes

Bosques tropicales de Costa Rica / Ambiances naturelles du Costa Rica

Authors: E. Matheu (field recordings) and JCRoché (edition)

Posted by: Frémeaux et Associés

Reference: FA617

The material for this CD was recorded during the rainy season by Eloisa Matheu, assisted by Francesc Llimona and local experts. The aim of the expedition was first and foremost to capture the overall atmosphere in each type of forest, rather than seek out any particular species. But for those who like to know exactly what they are listening to, we have included, at the end, an index of the 32 most prominent performers. Jean C. Roché has had the task of mixing the recordings, to recreate atmospheres unique to each habitat. Care has been taken to respect the chronology of sounds, since, in the forest, many animals call at “specific times a day…” We would like to thank the National Park Serve of Costa-Rica, its administrator and wardens, and especially Mrs Alberto Vasquez Rodriguez, Carlos A. Herrera, Fernando Cortes and Jose Solano ; also we wish to thank Mrs Katy Stoner of La Selva Biological Station, with whom we spent many memorable times searching for Mantled Howler Monkeys.

If you have visited Costa Rica and its National Parks, this CD will remind you of the trip, if you have not visited yet, listen to the soundscapes and the script is a good way to get started in the nature of this Central American country.


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59 minutes


1. 2. 3. Biological Station La Selva

4. Corcovado

5. Carara

6. Tortuguero

7. 8. Palo Verde

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